naval weapon systems

Deadly Naval Weapon Systems used by the strongest Navies in the world

Nations develop the naval branch of their military because they understand that this arm is very effective in projecting its power to other regions far away from its territory.

Therefore, for a naval force to be strong and battle-ready, it needs to have high-tech naval weapon systems. In the ever-crowded field of weapon systems, here are three deadly systems that have stood out in recent times, and they were all developed by Rafael LTD.


Rafael has a special class of naval weapon systems that are remotely controlled. These Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS) can accommodate small and medium caliber guns, which ensure that naval vessels are better protected when they venture into hostile waters. Here are three effective Typhoon Class Systems.

Typhoon MK-30c

The Typhoon MK-30c is one medium-caliber weapon system that offers ships superior perimeter protection. It can be installed on a vast array of naval vessels such as aircraft carriers and patrol vessels. This naval weapon system has been installed in several US and Australian naval ships. It can counter asymmetric and swarm attacks, and it uses an MK44 Bushmaster gun that is compatible with Air Burst Ammunition.

Typhoon 25mm

The Typhoon 25mm is another efficient system used by several navies worldwide as the main gun or a secondary gun aboard patrol and large vessels. It is very effective for providing perimeter protection. The 25mm naval weapon system has an integrated ballistic feature with electro-optic technology and a fire control system. 

Mini Typhoon

Of all the naval weapon systems by Rafael, the Mini Typhoon is one of the smallest under the Typhoon class. The Mini Typhoon is controlled by a remote control station for precision engagement. This gun is the best option for small boats used for speedy maneuvers. In addition, it is the ideal weapon for naval operations in rough weather.

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